【Walkthrough/攻略】【WaveA】逃脱遊戲 “久遠的約定”(Escape Game: An old promise)


App 名稱:逃脱遊戲 “久遠的約定”(Escape Game: An old promise)

Download apk file (for all pc and mac users, please install software “Bluestacks” first)

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如同 WaveA 公司旗下的其他逃脫遊戲,此遊戲屬為舊作。小編發現這款舊作以前存在的漏洞或不明顯的提示,至今仍未有修改過,為上架而不惜推出舊作,感覺馬虎了事。

攻略已上載至 facebook

Game Walkthrough has been uploaded to our facebook page

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5

好玩指數(3.8 out of 5):

4 stars


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