【Walkthrough/攻略】逃脫遊戲 “痛苦的愛” (Escape Game: All Consuming Love)


App 名稱:逃脫遊戲 “痛苦的愛” (Escape Game: All Consuming Love)

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短評:今集不算太難,只是最後密碼那處(獲得 GOOD END的密碼)沒有太多提示,卻要求玩家推敲出正確數字,小編覺得有點匪夷所思。

攻略已上載至 facebook 專頁

Game Walkthrough has been uploaded to our facebook.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

好玩指數(4.4 out of 5):

4.5 stars


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