【App 評測】【Free Multiplayer Online Game】TrackRacing Pursuit Free – 多人線上遊戲app


App 名稱:TrackRacing Pursuit Free

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Review: It’s a simple and handy game that you can quickly get connection to the server, playing with friends and other players around the world. There are two modes in the game, StreetRace and Deathmatch. I think these two modes are more or less the same, you have to attack other cars to get points to win a match. Yet, it needs improvement on setting the controls, it’s not easy to resize the control buttons, and sometimes buttons will overlap with each other. Besides, it’s better to add tutorials on how to play the game because people may get confused with different buttons on the screen.

More details: http://trackracingonline.com/tm/

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4 stars


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