【Android/iOS app review/評測】First Person Tennis Exhibition / First Person Tennis World Tour



“First Person Tennis World Tour” 是少數網球遊戲 apps 裡做到以第一人稱(First Person)去遊玩的遊戲 app。遊戲雖然並非具有十分精細的畫面和人物設計,但配以比賽時的旁述對白、第一人稱的視覺效果以及明快的節奏音效,臨場感大大提高。

此 app 有兩個版本,因此小編分別為免費版和付費版進行了測試並作出比較。

付費版:解鎖了 “World Tour” 的模式,比賽場地多達 13 個,而且明顯地和免費版的場地截然不同,背景場地美觀得多。付費版雖然解鎖了 “World Tour” 模式,但要提高球員的能力,依然要額外購買能力點數。(影片為付費版)

免費版:沒有” World Tour” 模式,只剩下 “Exhibition” 和 “Training” 模式。在”Exhibition” 模式裡,只有 4 個典型比賽場地。即使如此,每個場地的大小均有不同,所以比賽時運用的力度亦需要調節,稍有不慎就會把球打出界。而且,對手也非等閒之輩,耐玩度可謂相當高!另外,值得一讚的是角色的衣服和性別可隨意任換,不必花錢購買,在現在的 app 市場裡實屬難得。若要說有什麼缺失的地方,就是小編測試期間,偶爾的一次比賽時,發球時的球突然消失了,然後角色便卡住了,只要重新載入遊戲則可解決這個問題。另一個感到不便的地方是,每次轉換人物服飾或性別時,都要往 “World Tour” 裡轉換。



-you can change the difficulty in the “option”.

【Short review】

There are two versions for this app, one is free trial and the other is paid. I have tested both versions of this app. Here are some comments.

Paid version: “First Person Tennis World Tour” doesn’t have extraordinary graphics, but the first person perspective and english TV commentary are impressive designs that could give you a realism in the game. In this paid version, “World Tour” mode is unlocked and 13 tournaments can be chosen. However, you still need to pay extra money if you want to enhance the ability of player in the paid version. (The video below is a game preview of paid version)

Free version: “World Tour” is locked and only two modes are available – “Exhibition” and “Training”. There are only 4 types of typical tennis court available in “Exhibition” mode, but the tournaments are still exciting as the opponents are not weak. Besides, “Training” mode is designed for beginners to have more practice before going to normal tournament. By the way, during the testing of this free trial version, a bug is found( and it appeared once) – the ball suddenly disappeared at the very first beginning while players were staying still. Then, I restarted the game and this issue is now solved. Overall, this free trial version is still worth playing but the size of this game is a bit large.

Download free trial version on Google Play Store

Download paid version on Google Play Store (HKD 28.81)

Download free trial version on iTunes App Store

Download paid version on iTunes App Store (HKD 23.00)


4 stars


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