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Review: It’s a mini shooting game app without difficult controls. You can simply control the hamster by moving it left or right. One of the challenges of this mini game is the aggressive attack from your enemies(aliens). But still, you can predict some behavioral pattern from aliens. Moreover, you cannot control your shooting button because it is automatic, so you need to have good timing and target your enemies  before you can hit them right.


There is a total of 999 stages. Actually, there’s no much differences in background and the appearance of either hamster or enemies between stages. Some may love gorgeous graphics design, but it’s comfortable for me to play mini game with simple background and graphics.

Also, I find that some app developers (not particular from this app) like setting levels to 999 at the very first beginning which I appreciate them putting lots of effort in it, it’s true that this approach could  keep some players for the app(s), but many players are impatient and may give up halfway. Instead of setting levels to 999, a better approach would be setting levels to 300, and then update the app to around 600 stages afterwards. It’s much easier for players to achieve the goals and wait for the new updates, so players won’t get bored soon when they play the game.


-you can collect special items from the game and use these items to help you eliminate the aliens.

-you can adjust hamster’s capability by using status points

-if you reach level 25+, you can get “P” item for bonus and re-adjust hamster’s capability.



全英文製作的休閒遊戲 app -“Shooting Hamster”,其製作班底其實是來自日本公司 TARTE. INC。”Shooting Hmaster” 是一款小型製作的遊戲 app,簡約的背景和簡單的卡通設計為其賣點之一。遊戲控制簡單,玩家透過左右移動倉鼠就能進行射擊。要留意的是,敵人的攻擊較為強烈,每關約有 3-4 隻不等的敵人來襲,而敵人除了擁有不同的攻擊外,發出來的攻擊更會反彈到倉鼠上,倉鼠的生命值會因此而受損。

整個遊戲共有 999 關卡,小編玩到 40+ 左右的關卡,過關後,倉鼠和敵人的外形基本上沒有太大差別,最大分別的是敵人的能力會隨著關卡而改變,時而遇上攻擊力較強的敵人、又或遇到移動速度快的敵人之類,要瞄準敵人來射擊頗有難度。




-到達 25 關以後,有機會獲得 “P”字樣的道具,可重新調整倉鼠的能力值



Vitality : 生命力

Agility : 敏捷

Number of Ammo : 彈藥

Attack Power : 攻擊力

Defense Power : 防禦力


TARTE INC.: http://www.tarte.co.jp/

好玩指數(3.7 out of 5):

3.5 stars




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