【簡單教學/Tutorial】轉換Google Play Store地區 (免 Root / No Root)

[Easy change Google Play Store region]

*使用此方法前, 請評估所有的風險。Apps 頻道及其小編團隊並不會承擔任何人因使用此方法而引致手機或裝置上的損失或損毀
*此方法不需要 ROOT 機/ No Root is required
*I do not responsible for the damages caused by adopting this approach, please consider all the risks that you may encounter before using this method.

***請把手機關掉 GPS 定位***
(Please switch off GPS function)

Updated: 18-2-2015

1. 到 Google Play Store 免費下載「飛來飛去 VPN (NAH VPN)」

Download “NAH VPN” app(free app) on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tw.nitcs.nahvpn

& install it.

“NAH VPN” APK download: http://goo.gl/xHirxq

2. 再來, 安裝 Open VPN Connect

Next, download “Open VPN Connect”(free app) on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.openvpn.openvpn,

& install it.

3. 開啟「飛來飛去 VPN (NAH VPN)」, 選擇想要去的國家/地區, 點選其中一個伺服器位置(注意:未必每個伺服器都能順利連接)

Open “NAH VPN”, choose the country or region you want to go, and click one of the servers on the list (Please notice that not all the server links work properly, you need to try it one by one)

4. 順利連接後, 開啟瀏覽器, 到 Google.com 申請一個新的 Google 帳戶, 我們會用這個新帳戶來進入Play Store。成功申請後, 再次進入 Play Store, 會發現已轉換該地區的 Play Store, 可隨意下載免費 apps, 但不能購買付費 apps


If it is connected successfully, go to Google.com and create another new google account. We will use this new account to access Play Store. After registering new account, go to Play Store and you can now see the main page of Play Store has already changed. Do remember you can download free apps only, not paid apps(you cannot buy them).

5. 想取消連接的話, 按「Disconnect」就可以了, 再次進入 Play Store 時會回復閣下所在地區的 Play Store

If you want to go back to the Play Store in your own country/region, just simply click  “disconnect”. All the things will become normal.

***如果不成功, 請看看手機語言是否已轉換成 English (US), 並再進入 Play Store 試試
***再不成功的話, 小編也愛莫能助, 抱歉 <(_ _)>

It’s just a simple method of getting into other country’s Play Store. This method is not applicable to all devices. If your Play Store cannot switch into other country after the above procedures, you may have to find another approach or other tutorials.

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