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App 名稱:Labo Paper Fish (Labo 紙魚)

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兒童教育品牌 Labo Lado Inc. 早前推出過不少汽車類型的 apps,不過自去年底開始增添新的元素,推出了 “Labo 鵝卵石的藝術”,至今年初再下一城,推出 “Labo 紙魚”。


Labo Lado 研發的 apps 多以 iPad 為主,從舊作至最新作品看來,無論是畫質還是功能上,都顯著提升,一貫以往高質素的製作。再加上,app 內並沒有內購功能,一個價錢就可以玩盡多款小遊戲,非常有心的 app 開發人員。


今集的 “Labo 紙魚” 有 16 款的紙魚樣本,小朋友可以選定一個樣本後進行剪裁、拼貼和填色的步驟。完成後,可以盡情地玩小遊戲~另外,今集更多出了 ready-made (預先製作好)的紙魚樣本,免去了填色部份,小朋友可以更快速地進入遊戲!




在遊戲方面,”Labo 紙魚” 算是提供最多遊戲的一款 app,共有 5 個小遊戲。每個小遊戲都經過用心製作,可以讓小朋友輕易上手之餘,同時更可以訓練觀察力和腦部思維。

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Starting from their first app, Labo Lado Inc. put a lot of effort into their apps, just like the latest app they released last month, “Labo Paper Fish”. It’s obvious that the user interface of the app has been improved and now it’s much easy and user-friendly for kids to cut out, match and color a paper fish from iPad screen. Kids can do paper cutting perfectly by following the lines, and make their own paper fish by simply drag and drop.


There are 5 addictive mini games available on this app, including underwater photo-taking, finding ABC letters, undersea maze, ocean parkour and save my fish. Kids not only can learn fish names from the game, they can also discover the beauty of ocean. Overall, “Labo Paper Fish” is one of the best iPad apps for kids in our reviews.


-Ready-made paper fish is newly added, kids can skip the coloring part and go to play mini games directly.

-You can find your paper fish collection on the main screen (the “fish” button on the top right hand corner)

-No in-app purchases included

Labo Lado facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/labo.lado.7 

Labo Lado twitter: https://twitter.com/labo_lado

Labo Lado support: laboladoapp@gmail.com

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5 stars



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