【Apple Watch Apps 介紹】手電筒 / Flashlight / Torchlight apps



App 名稱:手電筒 ◎ 最亮最快的Torchlight

App 描述:


◎ 下載超過500萬次 ◎

支持所有帶攝像功能的設備如: iPhone 5 ,5秒, 5 , 4S和4 ,和iPad的iPod的和。 还有 Apple Watch.


1 )開/關
2 )觸摸點亮
3 )閃光模式



Download free on iTunes App Store (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)



App 名稱:iTorch Flashlight – Led Flash Light for iPhone

App 描述:

Fast, bright, easy to use and FREE. The coolest Flashlight app ever for your iPhone. Enhance the standard flashlight with new advanced functionalities: adjust the led brightness, use it as a strobe light or flash an sos signal.

Best unique features:
– Instant ON, fastest start time to help out quickly
– Intuitive and elegant design with seasonal skins
– Built-in BRIGHTNESS control
– Built-in STROBE mode with adjustable frequencies
– Built-in SOS signal

The most downloaded Flashlight around the world.

Here is what people have to say:
“No joking it’s the fastest I’ve tried! Really snappy :-)”
“It’s bright, has a dimmer, and an on/off switch. 5 Stars.”
“Excellent. Faster than “Flashlight”. Cleaner interface. Variable strobe light. SOS feature.”

Please note:
– Continuous use of the LED flash can shorten battery life.
– This App can emit strobe light that might disturb people with epilepsy. Use at your own risk. Pixelinlove assume no liability of any kind for medical harm caused by the misuse of this product.


Download free on iTunes App Store (iPhone/Apple Watch)


Download on iTunes App Store (USD 1.99 / HKD 15.00)




App 名稱:iLights Flashlight Free for iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, & 4, iPad, and iPod – LED Flash Light & Strobe App

App 描述:

A remote flashlight for your Apple Watch. Toggle, brightness, strobe and strobe speed adjustments are all available right from your watch!

The best FREE flashlight and strobe app using the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus camera LED flash!

*** Super Bright, Hot White LED Lighting***

The LED flash provides a true, single point light source, unlike those other apps that simply control the iPhone screen.

* Fast loading
* Flashlight – Turn the LED flash ON (torch mode)
* Adjustable strobe speed
* Adjustable brightness control (if supported by device)
* Up to 10 flashes per second! 10 Hz!

* Find your stuff in the dark just like a real flashlight
* Throw a party anywhere with the strobe light!

Disclaimer: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.


Download free on iTunes App Store (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)



App 名稱:My Dashboard Pro

App 描述:

One Great tools for all the things you need in one app with Dashboard.

+ Useful info
weather, time, calendar events, birthday reminders in your watch,title music playing in Itunes(Show),your local address.
All displayd in iPhone and Apple Watch

+In-app utilities
+flashlight, battery monitor,

controling flashlight with Apple Watch

– Weather
– Birthday Reminders
– Calendar
– Clock
– Flashlight
– Battery Monitor
– Music Title (Display)
– LocalAddress


Download on iTunes App Store (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)

Price: USD 1.99 / HKD 15.00




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