【Android apps 介紹】股票記帳、股票投資組合管理 (香港適用)

今次小編介紹的股票管理 apps 不多,只有兩款。原因是,會定期更新的本地財經 apps 很少。再者,Google Play 上看似有不同股票記帳 apps,實質上,其實被外國的股票記帳 apps 混入。因此,小編只挑選兩款本地製作的股票管理 apps,給大家作個參考。



App 名稱:股票記帳 (My Stock Portfolio)

App 開發者:JDIt HK

App 介紹:

股票記帳是一個提供股票證券投資的免費記帳軟件。(包括香港, 新加玻, 上海, 深圳, 台灣及美國股票)
+ 介面簡單易用,讓用戶隨時隨地掌握個人的股票資產
+ 提供15分鐘股票延遲報價(手動),投資戶口盈虧一目了然
+ 記帳資料只會保存於用戶手機,不會上載至伺服器,保障個人私隱

+ 自定股票戶口
+ 戶口結餘, 總值, 盈虧及股份市值
+ 記錄股票交易
+ 記錄現金股息
+ 記錄戶口提存交易
+ 持有股票延遲報價及平均買入價 (計算手續費後)
+ 投資組合盈虧 (%)
+ 密碼保護

語言(Language): 繁體中文 / 简体中文 / English

Android 版免費下載 (Download free on Google Play Store)


*此 app 另有PRO版

cap1 cap2 cap3 cap4



App 名稱:Ticker : Stocks Portfolio Mgr

App 開發者:Innopage

App 介紹:

Ticker – Stocks Portfolio Manager for Investors on the move.

Portfolio Management & Tracking
– Manage and track multiple portfolios with beautiful charts, graphs and detailed P&L
– Enter your trades, dividends, splits and see your positions and P/L live
– Full Portfolio performance metrics calculated: MWRR, TWRR for the last 3 years
– 4 different Android Widgets at your command

Stocks Gem Finding
– Monitor your favourite Stocks with real time push notification alerts , highly customizable (price, volume, % change)

Ticker can be used anonymously without an account. However, it is highly recommend that you do sign up with your email or Facebook, because with an account, you can carry your data to new phones, and can access the same synchronised data from multiple devices. Please sign up and tell your friends about Ticker!

*Note: Ticker App requires active internet connection at all times. There is no offline mode.

語言(Language): English

Download free on Google Play Store





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