【iPad app 評測】Labo Shape – 適合 5 歲或以下兒童(Children ages 2-5)


App 名稱:Labo Shape (Labo 形狀)

Price(價格): USD 2.99 / HKD 23.00 (Last updated: 2015/6/23)

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Labo Lado 一貫過往的風格,馬不停蹄地推出新兒童 apps 來切合市場的需求。今次小編評測的 “Labo Shape” ,明顯與先前評測的兒童 apps有不同,兒童只要跟隨指示來畫線,便可以即時變出有趣且可愛的小鳥、魚兒和昆蟲等。

Labo Shape is a simple game app designed for children ages 2 to 5. Children can learn how to draw a beautiful bird/ fish/beetle with different types of shapes.

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在遊戲方面,不難發現某些遊戲曾經在 Labo Lado 同系列的apps裡出現過,如跳舞、賽車和音樂節拍遊戲。當然,這款 app 設計給年紀更小的兒童,玩法方面亦經過調整,變得十分容易玩。

A total of 6 mini games is included in Labo Shape. Although some of the games have already been covered in other Labo apps, this time, all the games are fine-tuned for those preschoolers.

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在 6 款小遊戲當中,小編比較欣賞魚缸和拖拉電線的玩法。

There are two games I appreciate most, one is “fish game” and the other is “drag the wire”.

【魚缸玩法】整個 iPad 螢幕盡是魚兒們,猶如手上正握著一個水缸的模樣。用手指長按螢幕,可以看到魚兒們進行花式表演。


【Fish game】Tap on “+” and create a beautiful fish quickly. Long press on the screen and you can see the fishes are dancing in front of you!




【Drag the wire】Drag the wire and let your birds fly high. Also, tap on the birds and they will start to sing.


若要說缺點的話,這款 app 主要讓小孩學習畫出形狀的線條,過往塗色和拼貼部份已變為次要,故此,小朋友想替形狀塗上鮮艷的顏色則要到隱藏的功能(畫面置頂的彩虹圖示)去。如用家沒有深究這款 app 的話,是比較難發現這隱藏功能。另外,為形狀上色後,又或每次轉換遊戲時,早前的記錄是不會被儲存下來,變相每次進入遊戲時,必先畫線然後才能進行遊戲,不能載入早前的記錄,略為不便。

Drawbacks: In other Labo Lado apps, there is an automatic “saved” button and you can quickly review the history of your design, and start the game by loading your previous own designs. Unfortunately, this button is not included in this app. Without it, kids have to draw the shapes first every time they want to start a game.


【與其他 Labo Lado apps 有何分別?】

假如大家一直有留意小編的 app 評測,這款 app 可謂是 Labo Lado 旗下眾多 apps 的簡化綜合版,較適合 2 -3 歲兒童。再年紀大一些的兒童(如 4 至 5 歲),則可以嘗試 app 套裝組(比單款 app 購買更優惠),”1v1 足球“、”Labo 鵝卵石的藝術“、”Labo 布料朋友“、”Labo 火車“等都是小編認為較出色的作品。

【What is the difference between Labo Shape and other Labo apps?】

Labo Shape looks like a simplified version of other Labo apps. It is more suitable for children ages 2-3 (I guess?). If kids age above 4, they are able to draw lines, do matching, paint the cars/animals or even solve the puzzles on their own without much instruction. In this sense, other Labo apps are more likely suitable for them, e.g. Labo Train, Labo Pebble Art, Labo Fabric Friends, etc.

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