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App 名稱:Costify

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要開發簡單易用的記帳 app,一向都不容易。亞洲人研發的記帳 apps 就看得多了,歐洲人寫的記帳 app 又是如何呢?今次小編就找來新晉的外國記帳 app “Costify” 測試一下~

▼啟動 app後,大家會看到非常乾淨的畫面。”Costify” 不會要求用戶註冊才能使用,安裝過後已經可以即時記帳。


▼剛開始的時候,由於 app 內沒有預設的分類,所以用戶要逐一進行自訂分類,它的好處是,分類顏色頗多,切合不同的需要。


cap1 cap2







▼至於備份檔案方面,”Costify” 主要提供 excel 格式存檔。另外,由於 “Costify” 不會自動保留數據,用戶需要定期自行備份。





結語:”Costify” 設計精簡,沒有複雜的運算和圖形展示,加上免註冊、免費下載,用戶即安裝即可使用,適合作為懶人的朋友。


A lot of people do not have a good habit for money management. They keep on looking for a super easy and fast way to keep their bills and expenses separately, but the available finance apps on Play Store are often designed with complex user interface. The finance apps are not easy to use, not to mention to use them for a long time. Yet, “Costify” is different from common finance apps. It is a new and simple money management app, which is developed by a Polish app developer, released in this month.

Without complicated tabs, users can easily create custom categories and enter the income/expenses straight away. It’s quite surprising that it supports both English and Traditional Chinese languages.

Instead of showing a pie chart for an overview of monthly income and expenses, “Costify” illustrates all income and expenses on the app main screen. Besides, users could feel free to export the data as xls or csv format. However, there’s no hint for where the exported file goes to.

The default destination for exported file should be: /sdcard/Download

Overall speaking, it is handy and simple to use. As “Costify” is a free app, so ads will show up at the bottom of the screen. Some people might feel the ads annoying. If possible, releasing no ads (paid) version can cater for different needs of users.


-No import function in the app

-No “transfer” button, only “income” and “expense” buttons included

好用指數(3.8 out of 5):

4 stars

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