【2016/4月新apps】GingerPage: English Writer+Translate 已推 android版


App 名稱:GingerPage: English Writer+Translate

推出日期:2016/04/03 (Android)

價格:USD 2.99 / HKD 23.00—此為推出優惠價

Download on Google Play Store (Phone/Tablet)

App 簡介(摘錄自 Google Play):

Start writing better and faster with Ginger’s revolutionary Writing & Translating app-
Special launch price for a limited time only!

Write high-quality, accurate texts in English like no other! Review your writing for any grammar, spelling and punctuation issues, save your favorite phrases or translate to a different langue – all without replacing your own Keyboard.

注:此 app 另有 iOS 版

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