【攻略/Walkthrough】Escape a Halloween Candy Shop (funkyland)


App 名稱:Escape a Halloween Candy Shop

推出日期:2016/10/12 (Android); 2016/10/13 (iOS)

語言:英語 (English) / 日本語

Download free on Google Play Store (Phone/Tablet)

Download free on iTunes App Store (iPhone)

#直向螢幕 #會顯示廣告 #萬聖節 #halloween

攻略已上載至 Youtube (Game walkthrough has been uploaded to Youtube)

觀看攻略 Full walkthrough [00:02:53]

注:有時候 Youtube 會將影片預設成低質畫面,如果看到這情況,要自行調校成高質畫面才看得清楚。

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