【Android】Android Pay is now available in Hong Kong (2016/10/20)


App Name: Android Pay

Release date: 2012/04/13 (Android)

Download free on Google Play Store (Phone)

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App intro:

You can now add credit cards to Android Pay app which is developed by Google, and make payments with Android Pay in local stores, apps and online.

Android Pay tutorial: https://www.android.com/intl/en_hk/pay/ (English)

P.S. You don’t need to open the app to make payments, just hold your android phone near the terminal at checkout.

P.P.S. Your credit card number is protected by Android Pay. When you use Android Pay, it uses a virtual account number to represent you, actual card number will not be shared with the stores and third party.

▼ the store which accepts Android Pay will show the following symbols at checkout


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