[2017/05/08] 因小編們正職工作量和進修的關係,我們已暫停接收 app 評測及投稿,不便之處,還望原諒。謝謝一直以來的支持。We have already cancelled offering free review service, sorry for any inconvenience caused. Many thanks for your support!

Apps Channel Team

Apps 頻道團隊上

If you are developing new apps or having wonderful apps , please don’t hesitate to share with us. We may recommend your apps to our great followers and subscribers~!

Send your apps link with a brief summary to our email:

*If you want us write review of your paid app(s), please attach your Redeem Code(Promo Code) in the email, thanks!

*Whether posting your apps or not is based on our own criteria, past experience and matching with the objectives of Apps Channel.

*Normally, we will reply to your request within 3 days. If you get no response from us, please resend your request to our email or leave comment here.

*In general, it will take 10 – 15 working days to process your request. The actual processing time depends on the number of requests we received.

假如閣下正開發新Apps或已擁有優秀的Apps,不要猶豫,請與我們分享。經我們評核後,我們會將閣下的Apps推介給Apps 頻道的跟隨者和讀者們。

請把Apps 下載連結,並附上簡單介紹電郵到

*假如閣下希望我們測試付費App(s),請於電郵附上 Redeem Code(Promo Code) 兌換碼,謝謝。

*閣下的Apps 會否被放上 Apps 頻道,會根據我們現有的準則、過往評核經驗和是否符合Apps 頻道的宗旨目標。

*一般而言,收到請求後會在 3 天^內回覆(^所指是工作及非工作天,包括公眾假期)。如未獲回覆,請再重新寄出或在此留言,謝謝。

*由於撰寫 App 評測屬義務性質,App 評測一般需時 10 -15 個工作天(若推出新 app 可預先告知小編,或提供測試版)。實際情況按小編們當時正職的工作量和收到的請求而定,並一切以小編最後確認為準。

*目前來說,請求小編撰寫 App 評測為免費。


5 / 5 = 非常出色 (Impressive and outstanding)

4.5 / 5 = 秀 (Excellent)

4 / 5 = 良好 (Good)

3.5 / 5 = 平均以上(Above Average)

3 / 5 = 平均 (Average)

【嗚謝 / Special Thanks】(Last updated: 5 May, 2016)

Aedify Technology Limited (習字學園、習字園、動物嘉年華、Write Dance)

Sivart Technology LLC (Word Crank: Spelling Word Game)

appsolute Inc. Limited (scrapboxCNY)

Eight Square (J Currency / J 匯率、J 抗藍光)

株式会社エウレカ (eureka, Inc.) (測驗派愛族、pairs)

Qoo App (Qoo遊戲助手、日本遊戲事前登錄)

Openmouse Studio (Loopify, Loop Journal、DearDays、DearMood、CC.Days etc.)

Gutschat (隨便up、隨便mix、我要結婚了、相片轉影片)

Helium (Collectivity)

Labo Lado (Labo Brick Car, Labo Leaves, Labo Train, Labo Dancing Kids, Labo Car Designer, Labo Pebble Art, Labo Paper Fish, Labo Fabric Friends, Labo Shape, Labo Paper Plate, etc.)

Localoco (Big 2 Bonanza, 財富鋤大D)

GMOメディア株式会社(GMO Media, Inc.) (GirlsCamera, SugarDraw, DIY IconStyle etc.)

Michele Laurello (First Person Tennis World Tour, First Person Tennis Exhibition, etc.)

Zensis Limited (SoccerABC, myWorldCup, Easy Connect, iFakeU, HandsUP, etc.)

ARITHMETIC AP CO.,LIMITED (王子的契約戀人【免費戀愛遊戲】, 夢幻王子和魅惑婚姻)

SoulKey (TrackRacing Pursuit Free)

CHOCOLABS 歐酷網路 (大移貓, 電視連續劇2, 韓劇, iMusee, etc.) Wear, Timeplus Apps, FriendKY, Expo, etc.)

Altra Bean Ltd. (結婚大日子準備清單, 潮扮星星的你, 你同通緝人士有幾似, etc.)

OMG Factory(Yeti On The Way, 躲石狂奔 / Rock and Run) (聯合影音, 搭車吧,台北, udn讀小說, etc.)


PJ Creative Studio(Hi Money)

靈機 (靈機妙算、順曆、看手相, etc.)

EVER LIGHT TECHNOLOGY LTD. Taiwan Branch (手滑漫畫TapTapComicDo-EZ)

TrailWatch (徑.香港)

NauClear (Checking Brick)

DIITU Inc. (DIITU – 我們的時光機)

iPeen 愛評網 (愛評生活通)

TARTE INC. (Shooting Hamster)

PhoFun (PhoFun, Circle and Cross)

Gofree Studio (免費紅利)

1SecMoney (秒速記帳1SecMoney)

Cutkey Studio (符文重生)

Lap Tak Cheung (Legislation HK, Basic Law HK, BB 改名易, 倉頡Undead)

HKiTV (HKiTV Launcher)

Lip Sync (對嘴自拍(對嘴app))

ReadySquare (Fight, Supercars Speedometer, etc.)

Eternal Technology Consulting Limited(認字識詞)

Polak (Costify, Dzienniczek Ucznia, Gołąb Pocztowy, etc.)

Appgeneration (myTuner Radio, Radios France, myTuner Relax, etc.)

Tsu Yuan Hsueh (MOZE – 記帳,彈指之間, 加油小幫手)

Yiyi Studios (Floating Islands Rescue, Kungfu Rabbit Dash, Graffiti Cans Dash, etc.)

FreePlay Limited (FreePlay免費玩)

top_iconLiquidum Limited (Hexlock, The Cleaner, Rocket VPN, CastBox, etc.)

4Play Studio Limited (Ninja in Barrel, 魔卡勇者)

Blue Tea College Production Committee 藍茶高校製作委員會 (Blue Tea Tarot藍茶塔羅)

123 Kids Fun Apps (123 Kids Fun Coloring Book, 123 Kids Fun Alphabet, etc.)

IriverPrivacyApps (超級應用鎖, 隱私保護鎖-訪客模式, 兒童應用鎖, etc.)

LeadThink (Mojo iTravel 全球自由行, 新銳旅行社 APP, etc.)

DracoTrouble (Draco Trouble)

Mutated Byte (Shadow Assassin 影子刺客, Magic Rift)

Lawrence Yip (香港電車 Go, Chok 飯王, Stock Duck)

Vector Space (香港道路情況, Matcha, CancelOut, etc.)

Robert Grzybek RSG (City Rebuild – Zombie Clicker)

top_iconEverimaging Co., Ltd (Fotor 圖片編輯器, Fotor for Messenger, etc.)

Wenjoy Technology Inc. (Asking – 行動問卷分析師, eXpress2U – 檔案即時傳安全保鏢, etc.)

OMG Development Studio (Clever Boy Contraption Puzzles,  Match Card Memory Recall Train, etc.)

W.Water Gamer (90 種邏輯遊戲, 數獨(無限版), 方塊拼圖, etc.)

Krzysztof Księżyk (Awesome Speed Reader, Hush,Hush Baby, etc.)

Qsire (Qsire:世界唯一 3D 工法,印出「你」的立體手機殼!)

GGDS (POP4 Number Puzzle Game)

Swibeat (Swibeat)

Smite (打香腸珠仔台 Sausage Pinball)

Kwok Lun Chan (8talk)

Ignite Vision Ltd (Fun錢)

BFUN Entertainment (三國殺傳奇)

kingDev (StorySpark, Instant Note)

Ville Immonen (MouseMote AirRemote, Newsoi! Reader)

Johnny Ixe (DataMan Next, DataMan China, WifiMan from DataMan, etc.)


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